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We have an Official front & back cover!!!

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The cover of my book The Power of Positivity, took almost three weeks to create. I never realized all the work involved in creating a cover of a book.

The first step was picking just the right picture, My project manger April Cox, and my illustrator Harry Aveiro and I worked together. We felt the earth with two children loving on it was the message we wanted to convey.

It just happened that the page O is for Optimistic was the perfect cover. We wanted this book to be exciting for boys as well as girl so we decided to add a little boy to the cover.

As a way of honoring my children and my daycare children, I wanted to make them a part of this book.

We will be launching 26 days till our soft launch, which will be a via zoom on October 20th, then have a live drive by launch on October 24th. (more detail on both of these events to come shortly)

As part of my count down to launch, I will be sharing one page of my book each day and giving the background of how that page was created, a little bit of who's on the page, illustrations, graphic design, and any other interesting information.

On the cover, The Power of Positivity is my nephew Brady. He is now 15 years old; he came to me at three months old till he went to kindergarten and then came before and after school. He is one of the happiest kids I know, and to this day, he is still a carefree guy.

The little girl on the cover is my sweet, spunky, loveable Natalie. She is four years old and currently in my daycare. She is full of life, and there isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't make me laugh and smile and keep me on my toes. Her energy is contagious, and she's one of the most honest kids I know.

One the back of the cover is Evan, my oldest son, and Tara. The whole reason why I began my daycare 30 years ago was after I had Evan, I could not bear to leave him with anyone and miss out on all his first. I wanted to be a mother for so long. We need my income, so I got licensed as an In-home family daycare in Washington State. Tara and her brother, Billy ( you will meet him later in the book) were my first two daycare children. Their parents, Bill and Candy, were our neighbor and friend and entrusted me with these two precious blessings.

More about Evan and Tara when we get to their page.

After we choose the illustrations, we worked with Praise Saflor, my graphic designer. We went back and forth with so many different texts, colors, and designs. I even posted on Facebook to get free back. Thank you for those that helped with that.

Today we officially finished the design and attached an ISBN to it. YAH!!!! Our next step is editing the illustrations and placing the text on each page.

Stay tuned for more email to come.

Than you for all your support.

Love Ruth

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