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The Power of Gratitude

Unlocking Hidden Treasures

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The Power of Gratitude Unlocking Hidden Treasures is a children’s book that shows the rippling effect of gratitude.

Not your typical ABC book


This noteworthy ABC book is based on the author's personal research with children ages four to eight years old. Their discussions centered around their understanding of the concept of gratitude and discovering the things for which they feel most grateful. What you will see in these pages are ideas and topics that many of us don't normally notice and therefore might take for granted.

Gratitude is a beautiful thing to teach to our children- and learn from our children. It can transform how we look at life, Gratitude helps both children and adults feel more positive emotions, cherish good experiences, improve their health, build strong relationships, and understand that adversity is part of our lives. Once we start to look for opportunities to be grateful, we begin to notice them more often.

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"Beautiful!! An important message for the hearts and minds of all ages!

Ruth Maille's books are a delight. I love the vibrant colors, heart-warming illustrations, and the way the narrator, Orbit, keeps the language simple without talking down to the kids.

The message of Gratitude is one we all need to hear, and not just think about, but also feel in our bodies. As Orbit says, "Gratitude is also a feeling. When we are grateful, we feel warm and snuggly inside."

What an empowering message! Let's all go on a Gratitude Treasure hunt every day!"

Review by Sharon R Amazon

A look inside

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