The Power of Kindness

Through the Eyes of Children


The Power of Kindness Through the Eyes of Children is a children’s book that shows the rippling effect of how being kind can generate kindness to others.  It demonstrates how each of us can help impact the world around us with simple acts every day.


This book helps children understand they have the power to shape their daily interactions with others, as well as, recognize when someone needs their support, generosity, and kindness.

Children often struggle with big feelings and emotions.  It takes practice to have them regularly look outside of their own experience to see how their friends and peers are feeling.


The Power of Kindness helps children to understand that a kind word or act can change someone’s day when delivered at the right moment.

TN Lady

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful message, beautifully told, and beautifully illustrated!

The deep appreciation and understanding that the author, Ruth Maille, has for children make this book captivating for both children and adults alike.

The beautiful illustrations invite readers of all ages to enjoy the world through the eyes of children. The engaging hero, Orbit, helps children to learn the power that they have every day to make our world a better place through choosing kindness. He uses questions to help children look for and find kindness all around them while encouraging them to use their imaginations to create ways they can exercise kindness to the people in their lives.

Orbit's wisdom to listen and learn from the children is a great reminder to all of us as adults to follow his lead.

Truly this book is a gift to help our children be empowered to create and live in a much kinder world. A definite win/win for everyone!


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