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The Power of Kindness

Through the Eyes of Children

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The Power of Kindness Through the Eyes of Children is a children’s book that shows the rippling effect of how being kind can generate kindness to others.  It demonstrates how each of us can help impact the world around us with simple acts every day.


This book helps children understand they have the power to shape their daily interactions with others, as well as, recognize when someone needs their support, generosity, and kindness.

Children often struggle with big feelings and emotions.  It takes practice to have them regularly look outside of their own experience to see how their friends and peers are feeling.


The Power of Kindness helps children to understand that a kind word or act can change someone’s day when delivered at the right moment.

"Well Done!  5 stars JTan

What does it mean to be kind to someone? How do I know if someone is being kind to me? This small book answers these questions by demonstration in brightly colored illustrations. This book is perfect for younger children and well suited to persons displaced from their homeland and native languages. Very well done!”

Feathered Quill Book Awards Judges' Comments

- Covers: Front cover - gorgeous! The image is clean, fun and perfect for the book’s content / this may be the best cover I've ever seen / the silver borders on the corners are unique and make this cover stand out! Spine - silver, and purple are stunning, centered perfectly  Back cover - lovely synopsis, will intrigue parents, perfectly centered, a continuation of the stars on the front.

- Content: a nice story, does a nice job to get kids engaged in how they can be kind / a good way to start a conversation/artwork is lovely / Orbit is so cute - kids will likely be attracted to him and want to follow his adventures


- Editing, spelling, grammar - all clean, no issues

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