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The Power of Positivity

The ABCs of a Pandemic

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The pandemic has been challenging for many, but there is always a silver lining!

The Power of Positivity: The ABCs of a Pandemic is a fantastic picture book that uses the alphabet to connect each letter with a positive word to shed light on the many amazing acts of kindness, love, and unity that have come from this challenging time.

This picture book teaches children about the alphabet, broadens their vocabulary, and teaches them about the power of positive thinking. It also introduces some family fun by having children look for Orbit, the mascot, hidden on every page of the book!

Most importantly, the book instills the value of kindness, generosity, and love, encouraging its readers to make a positive impact on the world in their own little ways.

Award-Winning Children's Picture Book

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The kids love reading this book!

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The Power of Positivity!


The Power of Positivity: The ABCs of a Pandemic is an educational concept picture book for children written by Ruth Maille and illustrated by Harry Aveira. We are all impacted to some degree or other by the pandemic which has taken over the planet. While adults are able to read newspapers and otherwise learn more about the coronavirus, kids are often left out of the information chain. Instead, they just see endless restrictions in their daily lives. Many attend school via their laptops and Zoom and miss out on the fun of recesses and social interaction with friends. Likewise, their after-school play sessions with other kids in the neighborhood have ended or are now strictly supervised by adults, with attention given to social distancing, frequent hand-washing, and masks. Masks are fun in some ways, but they also make it hard to interact fully as you can’t see the expressions on others’ faces -- only their eyes.

Ruth Maille provides an ABC that addresses the dearth of information available to young children. Each letter covers an aspect of the virus itself or how it impacts our everyday lives, and in a way that emphasizes having a positive outlook on life during the pandemic and afterward -- because there is an afterward, though some may feel as though it will never get here. Maille suggests readers make the most of this time. In the front of the book, she also introduces Orbit, the mascot of the book who looks exactly like our planet, only small and wearing white gloves, white booties, and a big smile. Orbit appears at least once on every page in the book. There’s a link provided to check and see if your young reader has found all the Orbits in the book. Maille says to be careful as Orbit can be tricky.

The Power of Positivity is an upbeat and positive picture book that gives kids the information they need and shows them how to make the most of this unusual time and situation. Harry Aveira’s brightly colored and fun illustrations work perfectly to keep the tenor of this book positive while giving kids the lowdown on a pandemic that has been life-changing in so many ways. His clever inclusions of Orbit are particularly fun to spot and kept me entertained as I read.


The Power of Positivity: The ABC's of a Pandemic is most highly recommended.


Also available in Spanish!

Positivity-Spanish Version

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