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"Have a seat and let me read you a story!" 
shared by Natalie 

Our family loves “The Power of Positivity-

The ABC’s of a Pandemic”


"We all read it together to remind ourselves of everything we’ve been through this year and how much there is still to be thankful for. It is great for our 8-year-old who is experiencing more of the impact with remote learning but also for our 3 year old who is learning her letters while living through a pandemic." 

S Martone  Rhode Island

The Power of Positivity

The ABC's of a Pandemic

read by

Jaxon Coelho

​​I love seeing the joy in Tyce's face as he reads my book. Thank you Tyce. 

"The Power of Kindness is a great book to introduce the concept of kindness to young children in a way they will understand. It's a nice way to see the young children discussing this development stage in a book and good to see a range of different answers to the questions posed.
This story is accompanied by bright images which help children keep engaged on the story. My little boy really enjoyed the breathing exercise and this book would be great for all kids."
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Copy of Reviewed by Shrabastee Chakrabor
This book takes on a difficult, but time
Copy of This book takes on a difficult,
Amazingly written I love this book. The
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