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Creating Bonds

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

My daycare children inspired me to write my book amid the shutdown. The children were sad, down, and stressed. My hope has been to help children see the goodness that is going on in the world, to help them focus on the positivity. On October 15th, my book was published. So many amazing things have happened because of this book. Parents, grandparents, siblings are sharing the book creating beautiful bonds. It is opening up the line of communication.

As one parent shared, "As a parent, I loved the conversation with my son as we read it. He would ask me questions and told me stories of how he could relate to some of the characters. What a great way to deal with some issues of the pandemic but showing a light instead of darkness!"

A grandparent wrote "If you have little one's grandchildren or want to give as gifts for the holidays or birthdays this is a great book. It is so relevant to what is happening in our world today. It’s an easy read, animated, and very engaging. I am buying three for my future grandbabies. This book is definitely a keepsake book that will go down in today’s generation."

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