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Ruth Maille

The Power of Positivity
An ABC book focusing on the 
Blessings in the world around us.  
The Power of Positivity

The ABC of a Pandemic

Amazon # 1 seller & Award-winning Feathered Quill Finalist 

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Children’s author Ruth Maille is on the Reading With Your Kids Podcast to celebrate her new children’s book, a Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read,

“The Power of Positivity: The ABC’s of a Pandemic”. When the pandemic hit, Ruth was operating her family daycare and wanted to give the kids a tool for processing everything. Her book spins stress into hope and empowers quarantined kids. It’s a touching conversation about how we are all one perspective-shift away from seeing the kindness and beauty that persists in the world.

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"I hope that this book will help everyone, young and old,

to look at this pandemic with a new set of eyes, filled with

hope, love, and kindness."

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