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How The ABC's of a Pandemic was born.

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The times we live in now are uncertain for sure. When corvid first hit and business were forced to shut down, and we were asked to quarantine, a few things ran through my mind.

What was so mind-boggling was to think this was happening everywhere. The entire world was going through the same thing. I remember thinking, "wow, when we have blizzards here in Rhode Island, my friends who live in Washington state lives keep going. Yet, at this moment, everyone's lives have stopped all over the world.

One of the most challenging moments for me was the first week. I felt like I had a missing identity. My world as a mom and daycare provider consists of hugs, smiles and empowering the children in my life. Questions circled my mind 'What if I can't reopen my business? What am I going to do? All my dreams and hopes felt like they were fading away. The uncertainty of my future was real.

After about a week, it became clear to me that this was beyond my control. I began to see the silver lining in this situation. I had never had any length of time off except for a week or two per year, and I was not one to call in sick very often, so I began to embrace this time off. I continued to do my daily Monday through Friday zooms with my children. We would exercise, read stories, or just connect. As time went on, I was noticing how this situation was difficult for some of them. They did not have their usual routine; they missed their friends; their mom and dad were working from home. Life became very different, and many didn't know why.

Several times on our zoom, they would talk about "the corona," pointing out all the difficult things they were going through. I would try to share with them all the fantastic things that were happening in the world that if we just put a different set of glasses on, we could find the goodness around us.

As a little girl, my nickname was happy. My nature is to always look at the glass half full. Even during my darkest days, I have tried to stay positive, knowing that with faith and my family, I would get through this too.

So one night, I started to write about all the positive things that were happening, like people singing outside on their balconies, family spending quality time with one another, the heroes working so tirelessly, and teddy bear hunts and drive-by birthdays.

Alas, The ABC's of a Pandemic The Power of Positivity in the Midst of Change was born.

I am excited to share it with you.

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